When you think the whole world’s gone to hell,
Remember what the Scriptures have to tell:

The Father is still working.
His Son is working, too.
The Spirit is still working,
Inside of me and you.

Verse 1:
We are working to save the world.
We are working to share the truth.
We are working to heal the broken hearts.
We are working to spread the news.

Chorus, repeat

Verse 2:
We are working to stop the greed.
We are working to stop the wars.
We are working to reach the lost.
We are working to feed the poor.

Chorus, repeat

Verse 3:
We are working for understanding.
We are working for love’s increase.
We are working for social justice.
We are working —for peace.

God, please keep us working
Side by side with you
Your hands and feet are working
To make your dream come true.

Chorus, repeat.

© 2015 Pamella Bowen


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